“Cannot Connect to Order Server” or “Both Pings Failed”

This means either your PC’s firewall or your network is blocking the traffic. You will need to allow the program through your PC’s firewall, and if that doesn’t help, allow the program through your network’s firewall. Also, make sure you are not using the program on a restrictive network like a work/school/public WiFi network or across a VPN because these types of networks often have restrictive firewalls that only allow basic web traffic.

We have 2 ISPs that clients can use to connect to us. XXXX is indicative of the firm ID for each order server. Each broker has his own unique FIRM ID. The example here is our DEMO or simulated order server with FIRM ID being DEMO. See below:
The Hibernia network –> XXXX.dastrader.org
The Cogent network –> XXXX.dastrader.net

It is important that the client maintain both networks in his setting at all times for redundancy.
If the client should make the switch to change the order of the network and still have network issues and we have NOT reported an outage then it means the issue is on the internet or the client’s end and beyond the DAS network.

1. Click Setup then Network.

2. Select another ISP that can connect to us

3. Click to Move Up

4. Click Ok

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