How do I Enable my TD Account for Direct Routing?

In order to send orders to the direct routing destinations: ARCA or INET via DAS Trader to TD Ameritrade, TD accounts must first ensure their account has the approval to send to direct routes by logging into their account portal at TD and enabling the ability.

To directly route an order, your account must be enabled for direct routing. Do this by following these steps:

  1. Go to Client Services > My Profile and select General.
  2. In the Elections & routing section of this page, click Edit next to Direct routing.
  3. Review the Direct Routing agreement. Acknowledge that you have read and understand the agreement and select Submit.

Note:  If you’ve gone through the process and your Direct Routing says Options (instead of Equities and Options), that means you have Advanced Features Enabled.  Direct Routing for equities is not allowed when Advanced Features is enabled.  If you wish to proceed with Direct Routing for equities you will need to contact TD Ameritrade to have Advanced Features disabled.