What do I need to do if I need DAS Support to do a remote session on my computer?

In the very rare situation in which your issue can not be diagnosed via description, error messages and screenshots and we need to see the issues on your system in real-time, we may suggest a remote connection to your computer. We use one of the following two technologies: Screenconnect or TeamViewer. For TeamViewer, we will simply ask for the 9 digit ID and 4 digit password from your session to connect. If you don’t have TeamViewer, we will invite you to connect to our Live-chat session via ScreenConnect.

The ScreenConnect remote tool is often blocked by Java, to allow us to remote in, please first click the Start button>Control Panel>Programs Features>Java (list)>Uninstall. You may need to restart the browser after the uninstall.

  1. Once Java is removed, we will provide you with the following link to http://remoteconnect.dastrader.com:8040 in which you simply have to click to start.
  2. Join session. Note: You will be prompted to download the Guest executable. You will need to run it. Once it is completed, we will be able to access your computer remotely to share your desktop. Once we are complete with our support to you and the session is closed, we will no longer have access to your desktop. ***During the support, please close all windows and files containing confidential information.***

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