How do I place a Good Till Date Order (GTD) order?

The GTD stands for Good Till Date/Time order which allows a trader to set up an expiration date and time for an order to remain active until executed or expire on that date or time. From the Montage window in DAS Trader Pro, you can either click on the Time In Force (TIF) field and select a Minutes GTD option from the dropdown list, or choose to manually enter the expiration Date for an order (the format is: YYYY/MM/DD) or Time (the format is: HH:MM:SS). For example, a GTD order for a day in the future, like 2020/07/01. Or a GTD order for the same day, like 15:39:00.

(Hint: Verify with your broker which route supports the GTD order, otherwise an order could be rejected due to unsupported TIF.
Note: The Time format is in ET- Eastern Time.)

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