How do I view the VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) on the Montage Window, Market Viewer Window and Chart?

Montage window – Right click the area below the Vol field to open the submenu then select the VWAP for it.

Market Viewer window – Right click the window and select “Config” to open the configure window, and then go to the Columns section to add the VWAP column to the window.

Chart Window – Right click the window and select “Study Config” to open the Study Configure window, then add the VWAP study to the Chart. (Hint, users can click on the “Config” button to open the study’s configure window and edit the parameters and settings for the study.)

How is the VWAP Calculated?:

Typical Price = Average of the High, Low and Close = (H+L+C)/3.

VWAP = Cumulative(Volume x Typical Price)/Cumulative(Volume).

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