How to Link Multiple TD Accounts for Trading on DAS Trader AMTD

If you have multiple accounts at TD Ameritrade, you can link them to one DAS user logon and switch among the accounts on the DAS Trader AMTD application.

Each account at TD Ameritrade is assigned its own unique online profile and in order for the authorization to work on DAS, you must authorize with the account using assigned main online profile for the account. This means you need to login to each designated online profile for each accounts and repeat the steps in the TD AMERITRADE ACCOUNT AUTHORIZATION PROCESS for each account to be linked using the main TD login profile associated with the account. This is the online profile TD had you created when you 1st open the account. See example below:

Please note, you must 1st have a valid and active DAS user Logon for the DAS Trader AMTD platform in order to add-on multiple Accounts subscription.  Each Add-on account is $50 monthly.

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