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DAS | Inc. offers several subscription options to meet the needs of all types of traders. Please select an option below that meets your needs. Ensure you note the different items under each subscription type.

Real-Time Simulator

Click here to select the different subscription options for our real-time simulator account.

Please note: Our simulator accounts are standalone and cannot be tied to a live brokerage account. Both DAS IB and DAS TD subscription comes with the option for Simulation mode. Also note that the ability to Replay the Market anytime is ONLY available on the Simulator packages. It is limited to non-market hours on all Live trading environments.

IB: Live

Click here to select the different subscription options for Interactive Brokers (IB) users.

Please note: This is to connect your Live IB account to DAS. Please subscribe above first, then fill out this form after.

Charles Schwab: Live

Click here to select the different subscription options for Schwab.

Please note: You can not connect your Live Schwab account to a prior existing DAS Login at a different broker. You need to subscribe above first, then authorize your account after receiving your new DAS login from us afterward.

After subscribing for any of the packages from our website, please look out for a welcome email from us with download and login instructions. Contact us if it’s not in your Spam or Junk mail folder and you haven’t received within 5-10 minutes after subscription payment is completed.

What’s new?

Update Now

A mandatory update for DAS Trader Pro is available.

Please be aware that we will be discontinuing support for any version below 5.6.x.x. Please update to the latest version. You will not be able to login to DAS Trader Pro unless you are on a version above 5.6.x.x.

14 Day Trial

If you wish to take a 14-Day trial of the DAS Trader Pro platform, please do so by clicking here.
(The trial is available to first-time users only).