DAS API Services

In order to use our API services, you must have a valid DAS Trader Pro user and must first be certified by us for its usage. We offer 2 different sets of API for non-professional (retail traders) vs professional (institutional firms) subscriptions.

Step 1 -Please login to the API Request portal and complete the API Certification form. We will then review your form and determine which API you will be approved for and provide the appropriate API document relevant to your usage type. Please review carefully and determine when you will subscribe for access to have permission enabled on your DAS user. You may continue to ask follow-up questions to the support team email prior to completing Step 2.

Step 2 – Subscribe for the appropriate package in which the support team will advise you on. If you are subscribing through one of DAS’s direct access brokers, you should let us know which broker and your login ID otherwise, you may subscribe from this page.

For Retail Traders
API Data Description Price USD (Monthly)
Basic (50 simultaneous symbols) – CMD only 5,000 Orders/day $100
Limited (100 simultaneous symbols) – CMD or .NET 10,000 Orders/day $250
Standard (200 simultaneous symbols) – CMD or .NET 50,000 Orders/day $500
*For Institutional Traders
API Data Description Price USD (Monthly)
Limited (100 simultaneous symbols) - C# .NET or FIX 10k Orders/day $250
Standard (200 simultaneous symbols) - C# .NET or FIX 100k Orders/day $500
Enterprise (500 simultaneous symbols) - C# .NET or FIX 500k Orders/day $1500
Indirect Access Fee For UTP Market Data Usage 100k Orders/day $500

*FIX API is for Order Entry ONLY and does not provide market data. It is NOT intended for retail usage either as non-professional or professional. It is provided as a service to institutional clients approved by the broker.

There is no depth of book market data available in any of our API.

Please choose a service level below: