How do I directly place and modify the open order through Chart Window?

Right click the Chart window and select “Chart Area->Config Area” in the middle section. Check “Show Orders” and “Show Order Line” to add/display your open orders on the chart window. You can, then, drag the Order Line to adjust the order price directly in the chart window. You can also use hotkeys to help you place orders directly in the Chart window. Below are sample scripts below. Note: “ACCTNUMBER” is a placeholder for your actual account number which you need to replace there:

  • Stop Range Order: “Account=ACCTNUMBER;Route=SMAT;Share=100;TIF=GTC;NewOrder StopRange”
  • Stop Market Order: “Account=ACCTNUMBER;Route=SMAT;Share=100;TIF=GTC;NewOrder StopMarket”
  • Stop Limit Order: “Account=ACCTNUMBER;Route=SMAT;Share=100;TIF=GTC;NewOrder StopLimit”
  • Market Order: “Account=ACCTNUMBER;Route=SMAT;Share=100;TIF=GTC;NewOrder Market”
  • Limit Order: “Account=ACCTNUMBER;Route=SMAT;Share=100;TIF=GTC;NewOrder Limit”

(Note: Feel free to make any necessary adjustment to it, but remember to test it first to be sure it does exactly what you want it to do.)

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