How do I trade Futures?

First of all, you have to ensure the data package you are subscribed to contains the Futures feed. Then for the Futures contract, you just need to add a “#” to the symbol. For example, “#ES”, or add a contact date, like “ESZ9” for Emini S&P 500 December 2019 Future Contract, where “ES” is the [Root] for Emini S&P 500, “Z” is the [Month Code] for December, and “9” is the [Year Code] for 2019.

Below are the [MONTH CODES]:

F January

G February

H March

J April

K May

M June

N July

Q August

U September

V October

X November

Z December

(You can contact DAS Support Team at [email protected] for the latest Futures List file.)

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