What is Direct Access Trading vs Direct Routing

The Direct Access Trading (DAT) allows you to trade directly with a market marker or a specialist of an exchange. This allows the ability for you to send an order directly to a market marker/specialist (route) without broker interference or re-routing. The Direct Routing (DR) also allows you to send an order to a market marker/specialist (route) you have chosen, however, the order is routed through your broker. This is often through the broker’s smart logic or an algorithm controlled by the broker’s Order Management System.

Please note that DAS is not a broker but DAS is the technology provider and in most cases the service bureau to the broker where DAS maintains direct access connections to the market. However for some routes, the DAS platform will have (re) direct access routing in which DAS connects to the broker’s smart logic that then re-routes the orders to the exchanges or a specific market marker or liquidity provider. Although some broker may call this direct routing, it is re-directed routing. If you want to use direct access trading via DAS, you must ensure that your broker allows it for your account and their system supports it through DAS. If they do, please remember to ask them for a list of available routes.

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