How do I Add an Alert Directly Through the Chart window?

In order to use this feature, the user have to go to Chart window, right click it and select Chart Area->Configure Area-> and checked “Enable Placing Alert On Chart” box. Next, go to Tools menu and select “Alert&Trigger” to have Alert & Trigger window open. Then, the user can go to Hotkey window-> Chart Window categories -> Chart Alert sub categories, to set up an alert hotkey for it. Here is a sample script for it, “AlertName=newalert;AlertType=LastPrice;AlertOperator=>=;AddAlert”. Then the users can directly use this hotkey to add an alert through their chart window. And after users pressed the hotkey, there will be some tips appearing on the top right corner telling them what to do, and what price this alert comparing with. (Hint, users can just do the right click on their mouse to cancel it. And other price options are “BidPrice” and “AskPrice”, and the other compare marks are “>, >=, =, <, <=”)

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