How do I backup the platform settings?

If you are only interested in backing up your settings, or wish to transfer your settings from one computer to another, you can use the Tools menu -> “Back Up Settings” to automatically create a backup zip file on your desktop with all your settings in it. To restore these settings, use Tools -> “Restore Settings”. If transferring to a new computer, copy the zip file to the desktop of the new computer, and then Restore Settings there.

If you are looking to transfer settings from the simulator or one firm to a different firm, you CANNOT copy the file config.cfg over with your settings. You may use Tools -> “Back Up Settings” to create the zip file with all your settings in it, but you CANNOT use Tools -> “Restore Settings” on the new platform with a different firm. Instead, you may physically copy all files out of the zip file EXCEPT for config.cfg, into the folder of the new platform install.

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