How to resolve “Too Late to Cancel orders” or partially fill orders which results in an order being in a stuck status on DAS from TD

The information on this page is in the process of being updated to be relevant to Schwab. Please check back in a couple of days for the updated information


This is a common occurrence with the TD routing engine on partially filled orders or orders taking a longer time to return an acknowledgement back. Unfortunately, this is not an issue with the DAS platform and there is no avoiding it for any environment using the TD routing engine to receive account holder’s orders. The issue is related to an internal issue to TD, regardless of which interface sends the orders. We did manage to provide a work-around when such an incident happens on the DAS Trader AMTD instance by adding a special feature that forces the TD API to return a response on the fill, allowing our users to remove the order from DAS. Our system will also synchronize your position between DAS and TD.

You simply need to right-mouse click on the “stuck” order in the Order window on DAS and select “Refresh Event From TD.”

See screenshot below:

Please note that the TD API may possibly de-sync from our system due to internet issues. You should always verify your holdings on the TD website when you trade away from their platform to ensure the positions are accurately reflected in both places.

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