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Position Check

This program allows you to compare the DAS Trader database for daily starting positions with a clearing firm position file. Type: 1=Cash; 2=Margin; 3=Short.

Click the Compare with Penson button. Locate the clearing firm’s position file. Click Open.

Position mismatches in system and file: List of positions that are mismatched.

Position only found in System: Lists positions found in your DAS database, but not in the clearing firm file.

Delete: Highlight the positions you wish to delete from the DAS database.

Position only found in file: Lists positions found in the clearing firm’s position file, but not in the DAS database.

Insert: Highlight the positions you wish to insert into the DAS database.

Save: Allows you to save the displayed report to Notepad (or your preferred program for .txt files).

AccFilter: List account numbers you wish to exclude from comparison.