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A branch is a group or traders and accounts on your order server. They can reflect actual branches of your firm, or can just be used for organizational purposes. This allows you to standardize commissions (Deals) within a branch or group, and filter all data, including orders, trades, positions etc. by that branch or group.

To add, edit, or remove branches, click Admin then Branches to open the Branch Management window.

Screenshot of the Branch Management window.
Screenshot of the Branch Management window.

To add a new branch,  click New. In the Short field, enter an abbreviation for the branch’s name, this is what will appear in other menus. In the Name field, enter the full name of the Branch. In the Status field, select Open. Notice the person and location icons. You may enter branch contact and address information here, but it is not required. To enter this information, left click on the icon and while holding down the mouse button, drag the cursor over the information window and release the mouse button. Additionally, notes may be recorded in the empty white field below the icons.

When data entry is complete, be sure to click Commit.

To sort any column’s data, click on the column header and click Sort. Repeat to sort in reverse.

To edit a branch, click on the Branch in the white grid, then edit the information that needs to be changed, then click Commit.