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Question: Why was my order rejected?

There are several reasons your orders may have been rejected. DAS Trader Pro displays the full rejection message to you in the montage window, in the status bar below the Level 2 information.

In many cases, the trading venue (route) will reject your order, in which case you will need to check with your broker or admin who can contact the route for more information. If you are a broker or admin trying to find out more information, please contact the trading venue, with information regarding the symbol, entry time, and quantity available so the route can look up the rejection method.

If you receive a rejection because of BP, you should check:

1. The margin requirements for that symbol (you can check by clicking Trade then Shortlist. Enter the symbol you are trying to trade in the first column and press enter. It will then tell you the margin rate for long positions and short positions).

2. If you have open orders, they will use your BP. Double check your BP in the account window.

If you receive a rejection message regarding risk controls, please contact your broker or administrator to review the risk controls placed on your account.

Order Manager

Order Manager

The Order Manager window is empty when first opened. Click Filter to display ALL the current day’s orders. Or, filter by specific parameters using the filters in the top part of the window. Empty fields filter by all data.


Cat: Category, select Real (live trades), Training (paper trades), or Both.

Stat: Order status.

Br#: Select a branch from the dropdown menu.

Tkn: Token associated with an order.

Symb: The security symbol.

Trader: The Trader Logon that placed the order.

Route: Select from the dropdown menu.

Acct: Account number.

Order ID: Order ID number.

TIF: Time in Force.


Filter: Searches for orders based on criteria entered.

Clear: Clears all fields

Fit: Adjusts the columns to fit the data.

Sort: Sorts by column selected.

Stat: Statistics; left click to generate statistics for the selected order.


Number: The number of orders.

Buy: Total number of orders, open shares, and dollar amount on buy side.

Sale: Total number of orders, open shares, and dollar amount on sell side.

Canceling Orders

Left click anywhere on the open order to be cancelled. Click the Cancel button. It is located in the top left corner.

Bulk Cancel

Filter so that all orders to be cancelled are displayed. Click the Cancel All button.

Closing Orders

If for some reason, it is not possible to cancel an open order, the order may be closed, or purged from the system. Left click anywhere on the order to be closed. Click the Close button. Closing an order does not cancel the order. Be sure to determine the status of the order. For Bulk Close, use same procedure as for Bulk Cancel.

Further Explanation for Some Columns:

L/M: This column shows if the order a Limit, Market, or Stop order. If the order is a stop order, it also displays the trigger price in this field.