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Online Traders (admin view)

This window displays a list of traders online, along with their branch, trader type, version number, login time, IP address, and the quote server they are connected to. This list is not dynamic, to obtain a snapshot of who is online at the moment, right click in this window and select Refresh.

Trading Control

Trading Control

To link a Trader Logon with an Account, you must:

1. Enter the Trader Logon in the Trader field.

2. Enter the account to be linked in the Acct field.

3. Check the box for E: enable.

Optional: Check the box for S: solicit if you are placing orders on behalf of your client (for internal reference only).

4.  Check the box for T: Trade.

Optional: F: Feed Bill For future use.

5. You must select a Relationship: Located next to the T: Trade check box.

Owner – When the Trader and account holder are the same person.

LTA – Limited Trading Authorization on file.

Discretion – Traded with discretion by registered rep.

This is for internal reference but one must be selected.

6. Select Deals for equities, options, and futures trading. A commission Deal must be selected, Deal is for Equites, DealOp is for Options, and DealFT is for Futures.


Other buttons:

Sorting: Allows sorting of all Account Link columns. To sort an entire column, left click on the column title, highlighting it. Click Sort. Repeat to sort in reverse.

Clr: Click to clear all fields for the purpose of filtering.

Filter: First clear data fields, then filter by Trader or Account.